XL Outer Worlds Project Team

Janine Marchessault, Curator


Janine Marchessault is a founder of the Future Cinema Lab, and the 2014-2016 inaugural Director of Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts Research at York. In 2012, she was awarded a Trudeau Fellowship to pursue her curatorial and public art research, and is an on-going member of the CinemaExpo67.ca research group and the Public Access Collective. She is the author of Ecstatic Worlds: Media, Utopias and Ecologies (MIT 2017); Cosmic Media: Marshall McLuhan (Sage 2005); and (co)editor of numerous collections including 3D Cinema and Beyond (Intellect/ University of Chicago Press 2013);  Reimagining Cinema: Film at Expo 67 (MQUP 2014) and Cartographies of Place: Navigating the Urban (MQUP 2014). A past President of the Film Studies Association of Canada, she has held faculty positions at McGill University, Ryerson University and has taught at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV. Recent collections include The Oxford Guide to Canadian Cinema; and Process Cinema: HandMade Film in the Digital Age

publicjournal.ca | janinemarchessault.info.yorku.ca


Christian Kroitor, Producer

Christian Kroitor has been active in the stereoscopic 3D film industry for 10+ years. For the last 8 years, he has been working exclusively in high-end 3D film production, post, and custom technology implementations. Previously, he has consulted on projects ranging from 3D theatre construction to high-end camera system development. He also works on specialized stereoscopic 3D animation software called SANDDE, an innovative drawing tool allowing artists to draw in three dimensions. As the grandson of one of the founders of IMAX, he was introduced to specialized 3D and large format filmmaking at a young age.

Raised in the Netherlands, he now lives in Toronto, Canada.



Aimée Mitchell, Project Manager


Aimée Mitchell is a MITACS Post-Doctoral Fellow at York University. Her research focuses on the early history of IMAX, and the reconstruction of this history through traces from personal fonds, and counter archives. She holds a PhD from the York and Ryerson University Joint Communication and Culture Program. Her dissertation explored the politics and practices of audiovisual archives in Canada, and more specifically, the importance of DIY archiving practices in its various forms. She is the former Distribution and Collections Manager at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Canada’s largest collection of independent artisanal film. She was an archival researcher and contributor to the book Reimagining Cinema: Film at Expo 67 (MQUP 2014). She is a collective member of the Toronto Queer Film Festival, which showcases contemporary, innovative, queer and trans film and video art. She is also a film projectionist, and a current board member of the8fest, a small-gauge experimental film festival in Toronto. She is an advocate for filmmakers of all gauges big and small.



Jorge Zavagno, Post-Production Supervisor


Jorge Zavagno is a Montreal-based post production supervisor. He studied Communications at Concordia University, and has done post production work on a number of IMAX and independent documentaries. Jorge has been involved in films by directors Stephen Low, Laura Bari, Pablo Alvarez-Mesa, Leila Sujir, and others. In 2013 Jorge founded Lunera Productions, which offers services ranging from 3D Stereoscopic video to Large Format post-production.